Your Current Governor, Stephanie Sullivan 'Optimists: Let's Connect'
Stephanie Sullivan
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04/26 6:30 pm - 04/27 9 am - 5 pm
Oklahoma City, OK

District Scholarship Info

Essay Contest - Congratulations to the 2024 $2500 TexHoma District Essay Scholarship winner: Lorely Saldivar of South Hills High School in Fort Worth, sponsored by the Optimist Club of Fort Worth

Lorely Saldivar and OCFW President Fred Antonini

Oratorical Contest - Zone Contests need to be completed by April 15
Please provide the name of your winner to your Lt. Governor so that a ZONE contest can be scheduled. Top 2 winners from the zone will compete for the District Scholarships of $2500, $1500, and $1000. First place will have the opportunity to compete at Regionals for even more scholarship $$$$.

Your Lt Governors are:

• Zone 1 (eastern OK and eastern TX): Diana Newton, Muskogee Brick Club:
• Zone 2 (sports specific clubs, both states): Patsy Garner, FW Breakfast East Club:
• Zone 3 (central OK and north central TX, Red River area): Dustin Fraticelli, OC Vernon, TX:
• Zone 4 (western TX and OK): Valorie Duvall, East Lubbock OC:
• Zone 5 (DFW metroplex): Jeff Norman, OC Fort Worth:
• Zone 6 (western DFW): Ad Hoc Lt Gov Carolyn Riddell, FW Breakfast East:

The District Oratorical Contest will be held in Oklahoma City April 27, 2024. For any other information, please contact the District Chairperson, Gloria Stanford, Wichita Falls Sunrise club:

The District Communication Contest for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing is tentative. If you have a contestant and have not already, please contact the District Chairperson, MaryLou Curry, OC Weatherford:

Announcements & Events
March 20, 2024
Int'l Day of Happiness
On March 20th every year, the world comes together to commemorate the International Day of Happiness. The International Day of Happiness 2024 is not just another date on the calendar, but a global mov
OIF Grants
Deadlines Coming Up!
Childhood Heath and Wellness cycle 1: January 25. Club Grant - New Projects - March 18, 2024 Info on the OI Foundation website:
Optimist Institute
2023-24 Training Deadline
All club officers (president, secretary and treasurer, OI Foundation rep) need to complete this training by March 31, 2024 for your club to be considered for honor or distinguished awards.
3rd Q Conference
April 26-27, 2024
Conference and scholarship contests. Location is Home2 Suites, 4110 NW Expressway, OKC. Deadline to get event room rate is March 26. Make your reservation:

Optimist Calendar
 April 2024 

Governor's Message
Welcome to the new TexHoma District! I have been a member of the Optimist Club of Fort Worth since 1997 and have served in most of the board positions of my home club. I became involved at the District level after my retirement from the City of Fort Worth, serving as Lt. Governor twice, District Foundation Rep three times, and most recently as the NTX webmaster. I come from a family of service-oriented individuals: medical, military, religious, and public safety. I'm excited to have the opportunity to start blazing new trails in Optimism in the Southwest. This has been home to me and my family for over 150 years. I am a native of the DFW area but have been all around this region in my travels and plan to see even more of it during the
Stephanie Sullivan
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